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Aggregated materials, sand, fill dirt boulders, and asphalt hauling



C&D, broken concrete, broken asphalt, and scrap metals removal


Contaminated Material Removal

Safe disposal on approved landfills



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About us

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Burning Fuel has delivered reliability through robust hauling solutions, while staying dedicated to efficiently transporting materials, fostering client trust, and ensuring the seamless flow of construction and industrial projects. Committed to safety, timeliness, and excellence, we aim to be the preferred partner for bulk material transport, contributing to the success of our clients while prioritizing environmental responsibility and sustainable practices.

Clients can trust our company due to a combination of unwavering reliability and a steadfast commitment to excellence. We prioritize the success of our clients’ projects. Our team is dedicated to transparent communication, ensuring clients are informed and confident at every step. Additionally, we uphold the highest safety standards, environmental responsibility, and operational efficiency, making us the trusted partner for all bulk material transport needs.

Pioneering the future of bulk material transport, our dump trucking company envisions a landscape where efficiency meets sustainability. Striving to be an industry leader, we aspire to set new standards in reliability, innovation, and environmental stewardship. By fostering enduring partnerships, embracing cutting-edge technologies, and promoting a culture of excellence, we aim to reshape the perception of dump trucking, driving progress in the construction and industrial sectors while minimizing our ecological footprint.

These qualities are the bedrock for Burning Fuel LLC. With our truck, no hauling job is too big or too small. We’re on the job when you need us, and we’re there until the work is done.

Our commitment is to give you competitive pricing, best-in-class service, and the utmost dependability forged by years of hauling. Our first-rate drivers and equipment ensure your trucking will get done right.

We are diligent on safety issues. We strive to keep our customer’s projects problem free, and our most crucial mission each day is to get our people, and everyone sharing a road with our trucks, back home safely to their families every night.

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Missouri, Illinois, Arkansas, Tennessee, Kentucky, and Mississippi but licensed in all 50 states



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